The Merrie ChefHi. My name is Merrie O’Donnell and I’m the Merrie Chef.

I love music, food, my kids, husband, and dog – maybe in that order.

I’m a personal chef with a fully insured, state-certified commercial kitchen in my Sewickley home, providing food for anyone that asks, even those that don’t. (Eat up, neighbors!)

I moved back to Pittsburgh in 2016 after living in Northern Nevada, where I opened a sushi/Asian fusion restaurant, feeding everyone from cowboy poets to presidential nominees. With over 20 years of working in the food industry, my passion and commitment to building relationships with people through food have only grown stronger.

As a proud member of the Pennsylvania Film Industry Association (PAFIA), I’ve provided personalized meals to actors, directors, assistants, and crew members. In addition, working with Craft Services, I have fed multiple movie and television productions.

I relish shopping farmer’s markets and supporting local businesses, using organic and sustainable ingredients when possible, striving to benefit not only the client but the community.

Parties, movie shoots, weddings? Yep.

Healthy or picky eaters? Oh yes.

Don’t want to cook? Good! I do.

I believe in having a good time while doing what I love, so let’s turn up the music and get cooking!